Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 6, 2011

Favorite vacation spots

A blog I follow Kelly's Korner ask's where is your favorite place to vacation I'd have to say Maui! We've been there 4 times, and love it so much. Three years ago when John lost his job we were considering moving there. We called on a few rentals, called a shipping company, then when things were getting serious, he got an amazing job offer!!!! I was secretly bummed, but knew that God had his plan for us, not mine! Here are some shots from Maui.....
Another one of my favorites Miami Fl. This is the last big vacation we have taken with the kids two summers ago, so fun there's nothing like the Alantic Ocean!! The kids and I ran straight to the ocean after we checked in, we squealed with delight, the water felt like a lukewarm bath!! We spent eight days there. Loved it we would swim all day, then get dressed up walk to South Beach Ocean Drive for dinners. So amazing, we rode bikes along the board walk, rented jet ski's, and of course took the boat tour that show's all the star's homes!

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