What a day may bring

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth. Proverbs 27:1

Love this scripture because it's soo true, you never know what a day may bring forth?? Good or bad, I always pray for a good day, and thank God most days are good. But some days a call or a situation can change your life in a second!
 We had a nice, slow weekend, filled with family. John and I took the little girls to the movies, we both loved watching their little faces smile, laugh, Chloe almost ate a whole carton of red vines, and a whole bag of popcorn, so we kept nudging each other when she'd get a new licorice out or grab a huge hand full of popcorn! It was a little concerning but we know it's not like this daily so once in a while to see her indulge was actually cute! My girls get up and dance when the credits roll, they're so full of life and generally don't care who's watching! I admire that about them I wish I was more carefree like them! Friday Lynda and I were invited to Peri's house for an amazing lunch, what a treat it was to relax, catch up and many laughs! Love these girls
 In Peri's yard were these two cute squirrels devising a plan to eat our lunch!
 P and I
 Peri's got a killer art studio, were the magic happens, it's always a treat for me to get to snoop around
 My Sage and I played make-up counter! She did mine then I did her make-up, we had fun and laughed till she ruined all hers with tears! I told her ok now I'm adding some bronzer to look like you have a tan, then I added some pink shimmer under her eyes, she glanced in the mirror and was shocked, so I said and this is what it looks like with a sever sun burn!! She laughed soo hard tears were pouring down!
 We then did a mini photo shoot, I loved spending time with her

 Soo grown up!
 Guess what this is my 8th grade graduation dress, she's wearing! I designed it and had our neighbor make it!

 Behind the couch Sadie is my little mouse she builds nest all over in nooks and cranny's!!
 And this wild girl wanted in on some of the pictures!
Wow I'm super late gotta jam to my Chelsea Cameron class God bless, Shirley


  1. Seeing the pictures of Sage makes me think of my Tatianna, she is only 8, but I often think of when she is older and how she is "morphing" everyday into her future self! Have you heard the song by Taylor Swift called Don't You Ever Grow Up? It is a beautiful lullably-like song urging her young self to not try and grow up so soon.


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