Steel doors, and friends

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

So John and I have busted our tails with the inside of the house, still some things that need done, like interior doors, and a couple bathrooms that need updating. But our main concern is framing in a room in the garage for little John, then the outside of the house needs a major overhaul. John hated the curb appeal from the get go but we both saw the finish product. So hopefully soon, well start can't wait to document it here on the blog. 
One thing on my list is steel black french doors and windows. I need 5 sets of french doors, and 6 windows. The front deck has to be replaced, it's rotten and ready to collapse .
 Awe aren't they just gorgeous
In the front of the house were going to make a huge wall window floor to ceiling 

 Gotta mix some old wood with, to make something beautiful
 On another note, theses two sweeties came all the way from Camarillo to visit me! We missed two years of our birthday tradition of doing a girls day on our birthdays, so it was so fun to catch up and spend the day together. They arrived early in the morning, so we went to breakfast, then a long walk on the beach (Kim's calves, may or may not be extremely sore:) then off to a awesome tea place, final destination Ikea, for Jule, to shop till she dropped! Then they left, miss them, and so thankful for their friendship!
 And God's perfect timing we ran into my sister in the village, she was on a walk. Wish she could have spent the day with us!
 Ok time to go, love Shirley


  1. I LOVE steel doors and my philosophy is that you can NEVER have too many windows-there's NOTHING like natural light!

  2. I second Audra--love steel doors and windows....and I can't believe you need 5 sets. I'm envious of 1!

  3. Great work!! All the steel doors are looking so beautiful in design and really give a new look to home. Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting post.

  4. Where do you get the steel doors?

  5. Yes, where can you find the steel doors?


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