Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cute love story

Drawing a blank this morning had to pray first, offer thanks up, before any thing! Now I feel inspired and whole again. Thursday's at my church we have a women's group that meets we do an hour of exercise then an hour of teaching, it's soo great! This Thursday we had a special speaker come Clarice's Fluitt, what  a wonderful women, she was so inspiring, hilarious, loving. She has 8 children,  the story she told of meeting her husband had us all in stitches! She was 13 and idolized her cool 18 yr, neighbor. Her neighbor had a cork board with about 100 boys pictures on it! Wishing she could just have one of her pictures, she finally asked can I have just one of your boys? The girl said yes just pick one! So she picked this handsome boy wearing swim trunks standing in a tree. The neighbor told Clarice the middle name of this handsome boy also saying that it was her first boyfriend, when she lived else where. Clarice hide the picture in her closet for years looking at this young boy, wishing she could marry him one day! After 5 years of dreaming, lying to her friends saying this boy was her boyfriend, a guy she never met! Then in her senior year at a dance, in comes the "new" kid, he asked her to dance, dipped her, asked her name, then said one day I'm going to marry you! After a year of trying to get her attention, (she was engaged to another man at this time), finally after a fight with her fiance she gave him chance. Their first date she asked him his whole name, come to find out it was the boy in the picture!!! Only God could do this! After 40 something years married, their still going strong! So inspiring......
On another note still working on my chandelier project have some beads coming in the mail, I'm going to buy me a drill press! The kind we used in Mr. Ponce's wood shop class (Bishop People know).

Going to beach need some drift wood, I'm going to attempt to do a chandelier out of small drift wood, that I'm going to turn into beads! Have a blessed day!

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