Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby Moccasins/ Baby basket

Submit to God. James 4:7
I wanted to post pictures of my sister Rachel's baby moccasins/baby baskets. She makes them in our traditional Native American style. I think they are so cute, she sell's them for around $60/pair. she also does custom orders with your own color choices, size, buckskin color. She uses real deer hide. Check out her website www.rachel-hess.com
This is my Sadie I used the same basket my momma made for all four kids, we just changed the beading every baby!
All of this basket biz got Chloe reminiscing!!!
On another note my time with my parents is coming to a close, time always fly when they come! I really wish I lived close to them, the kids seem so content, peaceful when their grandparents are here. Yesterday the temperature was in the 80's so we swam in the pool, laid out, papa was in jacuzzi for almost two hours playing mermaids, with Sadie he was the Sea Horse! Grandma got a chance to read, relax. So nice! Today my out door patio cushions will be done!! Posting pictures of them tomorrow!! God bless you all today, Love Shirley

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  1. Mitzy- thank you so much. You are my bestfriend. I love you. Rachel.