Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Such a blessed day

Can't wait to show you the chandelier it turned out so much better than I ever imagined! Today we have to hang/wire it. I'll post completed pictures tomorrow. We took the kids with us to collect drift wood, knowing we needed a lot! After the beach we went to Carpinteria for lunch,  a cute beach town about 10 miles from Santa Barbara, my little brother lived there while going to college. I absolutely love this town,  in the summer we try to spend many beach days there! Next we went to a hardware store where I finally bought my drill press! I've been wanting one for oh just about 10 years! And for 100.00 I pulled the trigger and bought it! Let me tell you it is soo worth it, we had to drill about a thousand little, big, medium sized holes into our drift wood, and this machine made it a breeze! 
 We went to a famous surf spot for the drift wood, the surfers made this little hut, the kids played in it most of the time. Chloe said, "mom Jesus lives here, in this stable!" So sweet
 Abundant amounts of drift wood!
 At lunch in Carp!

 On the way home along the 101 there is a hippy, surfer community called La Cochina, if you remember in 05, there was a horrific mud slide there that killed 10 people. The community was having a yard sale, so we stopped and yard sailed! It was so much fun the kids loved it!

 Here's the loot I bought, a cozy throw, a card for my daddy for fathers day, and some cool beads, cherries!
 The pile of drift wood!

 So easy to use Sage was so helpful

Let the work begin

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