Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun day in T.O

Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life. —Luke 12:22

Hello late start this morning! Kinda nice though, enjoying my tea, catching up on world news. Crazy events happening earthquakes, rebels, God's doing something! I have my own events here in our house going on as well. Raising kids is a full time gig! With many up-rises, war, peace, you name it, with God's help I'm navigating it all! Yesterday a friend and I took our little ones on a fun hike, and had a picnic. It was soo hot, so after we took them to a splash park! Lot's of fun, Chloe had a few break downs, wanting toys, sugar, glasses, she's going through a tough stage, testing her momma along the way! She is defiantly my strongest willed child! But guess what mommy will try to win every time!! Here are some cute shots from our hike!
 Sadie and Kristen
 Chloe and Roman
The girls

 These two are soo funny, can't wait to see the beautiful, sweet, young women they will grow into!
 Chloe was being a scaredy pants!

 Brother and sister, Roman and Kris
 Cooling down!

Have a great day, I'm off to clean, workout, then take Sage to her 7th grade orientation! Shirley

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