Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 15, 2011

Chloe's 3rd Birthday

Hello were back home feels soo good. We missed the kids, in a week I've noticed growth! Little John seems bigger, more muscular, Sage is just beautiful! Sadie, had on a pair of jeans she converted into cutoff jeans, and a top she had grandma cut off the sleeves, her hair curled, Chloe, is like a wild mustang! She needs to be tamed!! 
Here are some shots from her little birthday, John and I stopped off at Toys 'R' Us on the way back from the airport, we bought her a rocking horse she's been wanting!! We then picked up Buca Di Beppo for dinner, also a Cold stone ice cream cake. Chloe was soo excited when we got home! My friend Lynda brought over a slide show she made for Chloe! I was crying in the first um 2 seconds!! I tried to upload it but after 15 minutes I've given up! It is something special, A Huge thank you Lynda! Here are some shots from it

Now for Chloe's Birthday! Daddy just unloaded her gifts from the car!
 On Lucky her new horse, Daddy wasn't done putting it together
 Papa and Grandma got her a doctors kit! She has always played like she's a doctor, fixing every1
 Grace Sadie and Chloe's friend gave up her beautiful guitar , Sadie has been packing it everywhere
 Grace also gave up her microphone stand! So Chloe was in her doctor coat, with her Hello Kitty purse aunt Rachel got her, singing her little heart out!!
 Bubu and Sadie playing together!
 Looky!!! My mom has started her horse picture for Sage!!! We are keeping her one more day so she can finish!! Don't worry were opening the garage just enough to throw some food, water, out to her!
 Roberto Duceto my favorite!!!

God bless today, I'm off to a play date! Love you all, Shirley

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