Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, August 13, 2011

NYC day 3

The vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter. Jeremiah 18:4 

Sitting in the airport getting ready for take off, can't wait to see the kids!! Our last day in New York was great, I tried to cram as much as possible!! I went early by myself to the fashion district where I bought Sage and John some school clothes. Great prices, great stores!! I restrained my self from shopping for me, and focused on the kids. Next time!! I then took the subway to Central Park, I must say this was one of my favorite spots in New York! The scenery is just glorious, the park is layed out so beautifully. I soo wanted to jog, or ride a bike through, but no time! John met me there, we then walked all the way to 5th avenue, to the MET.  Gelato at Central Park, can't be beat!!

 On the way to the MET we sat and admired the Plaza Hotel, this is where Eloise the cartoon character that my girls love, "lives"!! Lucky girl!
 The Plaza
 Finally we made it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, mind blowing, so much to see, we needed about three more hours there!

 The Roman Area is so fascinating, they used marble, and stone in many of their art, furniture, buildings,  built to last a lifetime and beyond! We were so impressed there were marble bathtubs built in the 2nd and third century that looked brand-new!!
 I blurred a young Hercules privates out, the Romans were obsessed with the body!! Amazing!
 A beautiful Chumash drying basket, the weave is sooo tight.
 We noticed many well dressed people loading into a elevator, curious I walked over and asked the elevator attendant, "Where are they all going?" He said, "To the top, and you must go!" He held open the door for us, but a rushed Manhattan ran inside and closed the door before you could say hey!! The elevator man got mad, then noticed our demeanor was cool, he said, "OK where you from, California?" I laughed and said, "Yep how did you know," he said, "because you guys are all laid back, always smiling not like us!!!"
 Vincent Van Gogh's paintings, are beautiful, with so much detail, he's one of my favorites out of the Masters.

Wheatfield with Cypress
 (Shoes, 1888) Oil on canvas

Well time to board! And a special shout out to our baby Chloe, who turns three today!!!! We love you soo much and can't wait to hold you and celebrate the date you were born!!

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