Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 5, 2011

No place like home

A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy habitation. —Psalm 68:5

Loneliness comes when we forget
about the One who is always with us.

It was hard for me to leave Bishop, but it feels sooo good to be home! I'm picking up my mom today at LAX, after two clients. Then when I return there will be two more waiting! Busy day! Saturday isn't letting up either, I have a huge wedding party, 14 bridesmaids, the bride, the mother, and the grandmother!!! It's going to be fun, challenging but fun. 
While in New York I would like to see a few things:
I've watched 9 by design, and now Home by Novogratz, their an amazing couple who design and build beautiful homes in New York, they also have 7 kids! These are two of their homes, if we get a chance I'd like to be nosey, and get a glimpse!!
 The Novogratz

 Sadie and Sage are obsessed with The Cake Boss, so their begging me to visit the shop, and bring them back a cake!! Well see.......

And not a must but 
I would like to visit Central Park, mostly to look at the beautiful Brownstones surrounding it! 

 Here are a few more shots of our time in Bishop
In the evenings, I would lay outside, summer evenings in Bishop are so amazing!! Chloe took this shot of Sadie and I, her finger was over the flash!!
 While redoing the deck we ran into a bee hive!
 Brave Jim getting the bees off so we could continue working
 Of course the pet store, my girls are crazy over animals, but we have proven were not capable of taking  care of them!!
 Bubs got to drive his Papa's boat
 Sage and John riding an inter tube on the lake
Me driving 
 Ok time to get moving, God bless today, Shirley

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  1. Oh Man I'm so jealous of your visit to NYC! I love all the food in NYC. If you get a chance I would reccommend walking the Brooklyn bridge. Once you cross the bridge and get to Brooklyn go to Girmaldi's pizza. It's my favorite pizza in the world! They make them in a wood fire oven! The best! Have fun!
    19 Old Fulton St.
    Brooklyn 11201

    One other place I would reccomend is High Line Park. It's an old railroad track that's been truned in to a beautiful elevated walkway. I am not sure how many blocks long it is but it starts in the meatpacking district. You can google High Line Park. Can't wait to see all your pics!!