Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Malibu birthday picnic!

The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious; but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself. Ecclesiates 10:12

Phew finally my birthday is officially over!! The party that didn't stop! JK, I had sucha great 32nd birthday. I got so spoiled from family friends, I want to thank all of you soo much! Peri, Lynda, Bianca, (our bike ride/hike) Julianna, Kim,(hike/picnic) Grandma, Lorie, Aunt Nettie, All my Face book friends, Mom & Dad Slee, Mom & Dad Hess, brothers and sisters, John, kids! You all made me feel super special! 
Yesterday Julianna and Kim picked me up without telling me anything! Just wear comfy workout clothes! So we hoped on the 1, and went to Malibu, to hike, then a amazing picnic on the beach! Wow I prayed for friends years ago after moving here, but God truly out did himself! Thanks
Julianna pointed out these beautiful green parrots in the tree's they are Malibu's famous Parrots, some one released their pets many years ago, and they bred, now they travel in a pack all over! WE were blessed to have a super up close look at them! 
 Oh yeah forgot to mention our little line backer, Treasure got to tag a long
 Our view, Julianna lead the way on this hike, I was blown away at the view
 Two super cool chicks
 Kim and I
 Treasure sucha great baby, we never heard a peep out of him, just smiles
 The girls packed a gourmet lunch

 And as if the hike/picnic wasn't enough, presents!!
 And cupcakes!
 Not any cupcake, brownie, strawberry.... I had two!!
 Then when I got home I had another present waiting, this leather jacket!!
Ok enough!!! I know I'm sick of myself! Ok on to the grind of the week, Going to clean out the pantry, and fridge bring myself back into reality! Be blessed, Shirley


  1. Happy Birthday! I love the quote about friendship.

  2. Happy Birthday Shirley...looks like it was a great one!

  3. happy belated birthday!!!!!!
    it looks like you a fabulous one!

  4. Great going girls and a very happy belated birthday to you,Shirley.Seems like you had a lot of fun.Birthdays are always memorable and the snaps are too cool.Go for something extraordinary for your next birthday.