Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family night

I am the bread which came down from heaven. —John 6:41

We had a fun, family filled evening, I made last night a NO T.V, no computer night, just family. I get soo sick of the amount of time the kids spend doing "nothing". And the cool part is they like when I say enough! So we piled onto the couch, and I went over my notes from the class I go to, they each read scriptures from the Bible. We were planning on doing games but decided to do Karaoke instead! We each took a turn with our favorite songs. We had fun, it's not easy to spend an evening together, there are little fights that break out, but we put an end to them quickly, but I know that these are the evenings that stick out in our memory bank, not the countless nights doing our own thing! Sage watched a tutorial on YouTube on how to make these Snowflakes, I'm having her pump them out! 
I love her creativity 
I think their beautiful!!! 
 Sage took these shots of our crazy family night
 I bought these super cozy blankets for the girls as an incentive for them to sleep in their own beds!! They did pretty good last night, they cried in their room, So I went in, put them in the same bed together, with their cozy blankets, and they fell asleep! All night!!!
 Bubs rolling Sadie into a burrito!
 This scripture sums up the meaning of Christmas for me the best!
 Some one messing with my manger scene!!
Busy Tuesday, time to go do a fast circut training in the garage, then to Sadie's class! Blessings, and Peace today! Shirley


  1. Those snowflakes are simply stunning!

  2. so true! it's so easy to get wrapped up in doing our own things, but the effort is so worth it. We've been trying harder this year, and it makes a difference even when I break up ten zillion arguements.

    And Sage needs to do a tutorial of her own. Those snowflakes are so so beautiful!