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Our Family

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Questions about your kid

The Lord . . . has not forsaken His kindness to the living and the dead! —Ruth 2:20

Wow listening to a pod cast about home schooling. Scientist in one study said that children 2 and under shouldn't even be in the same room as television! T.V has been shown to alter the brain, where it can't retain information. When I heard this I shut the TV off, and did a "pre-school" session with Chloe! We read, did patterns, wrote her name. As a mommy I think we all are trying to figure it out, I just want my kids to be happy, content, joyful! 
This week is shaping out to be a fun one! Yesterdays class with Chelsea was soo eye opening, she asked some very important questions about our children, here are some
  • What is your vision for their future? what do you see them becoming?
  • What are you children's unique qualities & strength?
  • What are their gifts and strengths?
  • Which areas of your child's life need strengthening?
  • Describe your child's current relationship with their father?
  • Are you fostering a close relationship between father and child?
  • How is the relationship with you? 
  • The greatest challenge facing my child is?
  • The best thing going for your child is?
  • What sort of things make your child angry?
  • What sort of things make him happy?
  • What kind of positive reinforcement does your child respond too?
  • What are your child's love languages?
This exercise was so great for me to analyze each child. Because they all are different, and you must parent differently for each one. I'm just learning as I go, but I do know that I'll give parenting 100%, with God's help. Ok have to run, Chloe and I are helpers in Sadie's class this morning! God bless, Shirley

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