Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

family lessons

He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, Psalms 23:2

The Slee house hold has had a few days full of drama! Tween things and teen issues! Phew glad to say we made it through, it's all life lessons. We are all learning. Yesterday was Kim's gathering at her house, we had a blast I taught basket weaving, the girls took to it fast, their thumbs are probably sore today but they have cute starts. Today is my deep cleaning day, aren't ya jealous?? Should take most of the day, then off to H&M to find a cute dress, for a wedding Sunday. Also looking forward to a fun bicycle ride and hike with a few friends in the morning! Can't wait, the weather has been so great, a little dry, praying for rain! And snow in the mountains.
We had a fun night first pizza then two rounds of "Go Fish", then everyone piled into the garage to workout, I taught Sage a few moves, while John and Little John worked out, music was blasting, the little girls were "selling" cuites and water to the sweaty people, and Sadie was dancing her little heart out! Chloe ringing the bell trying to lure customers in!
 Love that my hubby is so attentive to our children's needs, I honestly couldn't ask for a better provider, husband and father!
Ok gotta keep moving I could easily just drink my latte all day and browse the net but duty before pleasure! Shirley

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