Our Family

Our Family

Friday, June 10, 2011

Johns graduation

Wow slept in till 9!! Felt so good, John had to wake me up! I needed it, Yesterday was soooo blessed. I was expecting a rushed, stressful day, but God had different plans!! It was filled with peace, joy, and lots of LOVE! The day started with cleaning of course, then Johns parents came by, which was so nice, we hadn't seen them in a while. I felt bad I had to rush off to my Bible study, my sweet friend taught ballet stretches for the ladies and I! My mom and sister Jenny were able to join us! I was pressed for time, so thank God it didn't last too long, but I did have about 10n missed calls once it was done!! Then on to the graduation, it was truly blessed, we are so proud of little John he is so confident, strong, smart, ambitious!! The party here was so fun, we combined parties with our dear friends, her family has become my own, I love them all so much, such a sweet, funny, wonderful group of people! God's presence was all around my home, entertaining here makes me love my home even more! It's so comfortable, that's how I like to design my home, with God first, comfort second! Tons of pictures enjoy! Shirley
My two best friends, my sisters!

 Thank God for Dora apps!!!
 Johns parents and his brother

 After the 8th graders got their diploma the teachers gave them each a flower, the graduate then had to choose someone special in their lives who has made a huge impact to give the flower to! I turned around not knowing what was happening, little John was handing PaPa his flower! We were all so moved, God is so good
Missing my two brothers!!

 Momma and Rach
 Little John and Kolbe
 Jordan, John, and Kolbe
 And Logan

Lynda and her three out of four kids, her sweet sister Theresa, daughter in law Chelsea and grand baby Jack!!
 Were weening her slowly! (off of sugar)
 Entertaining his grandma, John's mom
 John's brother Pat, he has the biggest heart!
 With John and Cindy John's parents!
 Obsessing over her brothers gift!
 His two gift "openers"
 My parents got him his very own Bible!!
 John's parents got him a new winter wet suit!!
 My two sisters with Johns brother Pat
Latee's for all
Sweet ladies helping clean up! Thanks
 Smore time
 I went in the kitchen to get her toast with butter, and came back a minute later to this!


  1. I just read the post over at Staci's blog about you sending her the beautifully made mirror. I needed to come by and tell you what a wonderful gift of love you gave her and for all the right reasons. I had to come by and see who this wonderful lady was. I have been here once before and I will continue to visit!! Have a wonderful weekend with your family, Kathysue

  2. Thanks so much Kathy, such sweet words, God bless, Shirley