Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Going Home

There are last who will be first, and there are first who will be last. Luke 13:30

Our time here in Bishop has been so fun, we've fished, swam, Sage rode horses almost everyday. Were packing up getting ready to hit the road, back home! I'm so amazed at how fast time fly's here, I think I'll have enough time to visit many more friends, family, or go more places than I do. Before I know it time to pack up. Last night was so awesome, we went to BBQ Bills to have dinner with John's parents, his brother, and his brothers girlfriend. There behind the counter was my cousin I haven't seen in years, it was so good to see him, he's no longer the little boy I used to babysit, he's a man now! Next in walks two more of my little cousins each with their boyfriend/girlfriend! Remember my post about timing! (It's starting to sink in how old I'm getting)! While we were finishing up dinner, in walks John's best friend from school, who believe it or not is also my cousin!!! They reminisced for a little while and promised to keep in touch. Little John was so happy to finally see Louis, he's heard all his dad's crazy stories!! Next up was my (OK I know this is getting weird but I grew up on an Indian Reservation my dad had 6 siblings all had lots of kids, and many cousins) so next up we went to my cousins softball game, and sat next to his sister my beautiful cousin! Soooo awesome how I got to see so many family members, when we all were young we were all so close, you never think there's any way you'll grow apart! Then life happens!
Dad and John splitting wood! John loves to help my dad with this, goes back to his roots!

Sage at her ridding lessons

 Little John with his best buds Raymond and Dezert
 Sadie and I in Brenda's pond cooling off it was in the 100's!!
Bren made us all a beautiful dinner fresh salad all from her garden!

Friday night John and I are going with our friends to an Allison Krauts concert in Santa Barbara, then Saturday to Sand Diego to witness our friends renew their vows! Fun packed weekend coming up! God Bless today and every day!!! Shirley

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