Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You are His

Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are Mine. —Isaiah 43:1

Recently I had a friend who had turned away from God for soo long, due to very bad examples of "Christians." People who were supposed to protect her, only caused great harm to her.  So in her adult life she turned her back on God, as so many people do. You hear it all the time, "Those Christian hypocrites, they say they are Christian, but look at them, they are filthy." And rightly so, but, we fail to remember that God gave humans the power of choice to choose good or evil. And we can have a personal relationship with God, not "man" in between, we have direct access to our Creator. He is your God! So very recently she called with some issues and we both prayed well those issue miraculously went away, she was shocked that God heard her.  All we have to do is knock and the door will be opened, or ask and He will answer. I felt inspired at 5:00 A.M. to tell you all this, I hope it speaks to someone out there in Blog land, that no matter who, or what happened to you in your life God doesn't change He is still all loving, all caring, and the best thing is you have every right to him as anyone else! 

Last night was Sadie's Open House at school. She soaked it up big time, she literally could barley contain herself with joy! 

I know it's a terrible picture but to give an idea of how this girl was acting! 
 Saide and her BFF
 At the end of the speech by the principle they showed a slide show, well this part had John and I cracking up, Sadie is going to be one of those loud girls during assemblies, saying, "Oh, wow, cool, or calling out a friends name," she just blurted out when she saw a friend or herself on the screen, and laughed super loud, I kinda didn't know wether too "shh" her, I decided to let her be who she is! then standing behind her was Coco, shaking her little bootie to the music, soo funny these two are characters!
 Sadie's class
 Sage and her BFF

 Coco, having fun
 Grace, Sadie and Coco, are more like sisters, than friends, they looovvvee hanging with their "big" friend Grace!
 John and I watching our girls play
 Sage was a little rusty on the bar's, she had us cracking up, this tall girl taller than me (I know not hard) anyway she was spinning around, we prayed she wouldn't hit her head!
Awe nice quiet house, that is going to change super quick I hear some rustling upstairs, time to go, Be blessed today, Shirley

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