Our Family

Our Family

Monday, May 21, 2012

Moving Day

Rest in the Lord. —Psalm 37:7

Friday we picked up the Uhaul, and got busy! John and Little John loaded and loaded, till the biggest truck Uhaul offers was slammed packed. John is part "Super" I'm not kidding, he can lift anything, he came down the stairs with a couch on his back. I'm so blessed to have him, it makes my life so much easier. We couldn't get over how much Little John helped out, from morning till evening, he worked right along his dad. John was beaming with pride, by the end of the weekend, Little John never complained, just worked, when he was a baby I'd always think wow one day he will be able to carry me, he'll tower over me, well that day has come! Bittersweet.....
Little girls riding shot gun with dad all the way to Sand Diego
My bro Johnny came with Rachel and Luke to help, I was thrilled to have them there! John's aunt and cousin came over as well, I kept hugging them all, thanking them, I know we all are going to love having family around! 
Yes this post is suppose to be all about the move, but once again Luke stole the show! 
 Can a family get any cuter???
 These girls were pretty ga ga, over their cousin. Sadie gets soo thrilled to hold him, she says OK mom give me my baby!

 Already playing with the girls
 Rachel, so sweet, gentle, I love seeing Johnny and her parenting.
After a long day we ordered pizzas, Our aunt Susan brought over Kana, the kids second cousin, she's the same age as Sage. We sat outside , talked, laughed, enjoyed each other's company, I held Luke, and could not stop cuddling, kissing him, never being an auntie before, I'm in complete LOVE! Oh yeah he's 9 weeks, and he smiled at auntie!! No I was not the only witness!!  
 Sunday there really was nothing to do at the house, we move really fast, one new neighbor came over, she was shocked that we had not a box in sight! Not boasting, just saying! We took the kids to breakfast, then a walk on the beach.
 Camarillo you will always be so special to us, we will never forget our friends, neighbors, acquaintances. This move is another chapter in our lives, adventure, hopefully our last move! I think we found where we would like to settle......
 John and 3 of the kids to the left
 Sadie is my special girl who finds beauty in almost anything, she takes her time, examining every rock, shell, so we lingered behind.

Off to the store no milk, cereal, eggs, lunch stuff, back in Camarillo we are finishing up our duties here, school, finishing packing, cleaning up the house. God bless this day and every! Shirley


  1. hope you and your family will be very happy in your new home.
    wow the beach looks great,any driftwood???
    michelle x

  2. Shirley, I'm praying for you and your beautiful family as you transition to this new phase of life. It will be blessed. You are so faithful! Peace and xoxoxoxo