Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 7, 2011

More of me!

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matheww 6:24

Good morning, I woke early to have a few quiet moments! It seems like parenting got ramped up lately, the kids have been requiring more of me, if that's even possible?? Like yesterday, finally around 4 I thought OK now I can finally sit for a moment, I brewed some tea, and was about to grab a book, when Sadie comes running in, "Mom can you please fix my hair?" Then Sage and John wanted to go to the football game, so that meant she needed her hair done as well. Then an early dinner! Someday I'll sit?!?!
Coco was so color coordinated on the couch taking a long afternoon nap!
 So remember yesterday's post of how she hated her outfit, well the moment she got home, she changed, into this!!! I promise I have NOTHING to do with her style! It's all Sadie, if you've ever been to my house for a length of time you'd know this! I've had friends/clients, pin, adjust, even sew, or just give their opinion, on Sadie's outfits!
 Such a blessing
 I dropped John and Sage, her friend Hanna off at the football game last night! I called my dad on the way home and told him how weird that I'm now the adult dropping kids off at games! It only seems like yesterday I was getting dropped off at our home town games! ( I always have to take two photo's because Little John's 1st photo he is doing something silly)! No time last night so here he is hiking up his pants!!
Each night around 8 the little girls get into my bed and read for 30-an hour, well there is this one book, Called PaPa's Gift that EVERY SINGLE TIME makes me bawl like a baby!!! So the girls know this Sadie like's it so she can comfort me, but Chloe hates it, and tells me she get mad when I cry!! But for some reason last night she begged me to read it, and sure enough Momma started to cry, Coco joined in!! 
I have a crazy busy week ahead of me, my childhood BFF and I are going to Boston on Thursday, for a fun three day getaway!! But I have sooo much to do before that!
Teacher conference
Three Picture Days
Two groups I meet with
Four clients
Being a helper in class
 I know you don't feel sorry for me, I don't want you to!! I'm super excited to getaway with my friend and re-connect! 
Have a blessed Day, Shirley


  1. Have a great but safe trip! I am going to check out that book for my little guy since his grandfather went home last year it would be a great addition to his collection.

  2. Thanks Kelly, I highly recommend that book, it's Christian based book, and helps them know that their not gone forever.