Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Love the rain! More design ideas!!

Nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy. 1st Timothy 6:17

Hello, I'm sipping an Almond latte, listening to the rain! I am so in love with the rain! I equally love the hot summer days we have here in Southern California as well, but when we get the cold rainy weather I eat it up!! Well Daddy's home, we missed him! He is such a blessing, I woke this morning to kids lunches made, and the kitchen perfectly clean, thanks John I love you!
Sadie got herself dressed like most (every) morning, she only trusts her style, as she says! So today was all about the rain!
Yesterday we started the women's group at my friend Kim's house, let me tell you this is of God, we had soo many ideas, things we want to learn from each other. It's amazing how many talents, some of us hold!! Some are great at cooking (not me), others baking, canning, sewing, shopping(me), health, beauty! We made a calender of things we wanted to learn, I'm soo excited about this gatherings it's going to be Tuesday's, 2-4:30, if you live here in Camarillo, I suggest you come, we women need each other, building community together, learning and sharing!! Kids are welcome, Kim has a big, fun house where kids can be free, and play with her 6!! She started a blog where she will blog about what we learned that week so if you live far away which many of my blog friends do, then you can be part of it!! Here is the link women to women now and then
Ok look what I found for $15.00, yes that's right and $5.00 shipping thinking of getting this for Sages new desk her dad is going to build "one day"!! Here is the link homedecorators
Last night I layed in bed thinking of all my design ideas floating around!!! 
 Here are some!! This picture done on a canvas in their room it goes with the Hollywood style, 
Also one of these shining on their stage, 
My momma and I have been obsessed with Flokati Rugs for a long time! We have bought each other them for Christmas, and then interchanged them from my home to hers vice versa. And now I think I need one for the little girls room, to make it extra cozy and ultra chick! 
Here are some, in inspiration rooms! 

Oh I'm missing my parents sooo bad, they have been in Washington visiting, working on their home there! We all can't wait till they come home! 
Wanted to say thanks for those who celebrated God's answers to my prayer list! I'm already working on my next list, if you have anything you'd like me to add please feel free to ask. May God bless you today, Shirley


  1. Hi Shirley,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my sister post! I have been reading your blog but never commented ever since I saw your beautiful sun burst driftwood mirror on alamode. You are truly one talented lady and I look forward to reading more of your posts for inspiration in the future. Love the new family photo...simply stunning!

  2. Oh Thanks Kelly, I love your blog as well! I'm now a follower!! So sorry you lost your sis, I can't even begin to image the pain! Your in my prayers! Shirley

  3. Your family photo is so precious!



  4. Thanks Ly, I checked out your blog and am now following, love your style! Thanks for checking mine out!