Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

God answers prayer!!!!

“O God, Listen To My Prayer” (Ps. 52)

Good Morning, man I wish I could sew!!! I need to break down and get lessons! I would save soo much money. I love pillows, and have been supporting a local upholstery man, he is so reasonable, that I'm able to go back to him. But I would love to know how to do my own! Also when I buy pants of any kind I must get them hemmed, I need to learn this as well! My momma sewed, pillows, clothes, projects all the time, oh how I wish I would have payed attention!! I bought some fabric for Sage's pillows, here are the fabrics
Tempted to do a Duvet cover in this, or just a lumbar pillow??
 Love the texture of burlap and the fact it doesn't cost an arm and leg!! Not the most coziest pillow but super cool!
 Love Linen in any shade
 This bed looks so inviting, love all the soft Linen!

Must share, every night I have prayer request, I have been praying for over a year about the same five, I'll share without mentioning names!
1. I've been praying for a financial breakthrough for some loved ones, a lot of money that I felt was owed to them, every night please God release that money!!

2. Then for my little brother and his wife to have a baby, since this was their desire! Please God open her womb that she may conceive!

3. For another sibling that God would open a door that needed to be open, and close one that needed to be closed! 

4. I've had a sick Uncle who needed a new Kidney, my prayer please God restore his health! And make it even better than before!

5. My sweet Aunt who needs a bone marrow transplant, Please God bring some one who is the perfect match! 

As I knelt by my bed last night, I started to say the same prayers over again!! When I realized......... 
1 The money came through in a huge way!!!!
2. My sis-n-law is 4 months pregnant
3. My sibling is free, and God is blessing 
4. My Uncle is thriving with his "New" Kidney!!! 
5. They found a donor for my Aunt, she will get new marrow on the 17th of this month!!!!

Wow I must make a new list!!! Thank you God for hearing and answering!!! I laughed out loud, since it became just a habit to make my request known to God, that hey wait all of them have been answered, all in his time not mine!! Have a great day Shirley


  1. Isn't God so good, all the time. Praise God that those requests were answered.

  2. so amazing. super happy i found your blog. adore it. i'm totally following. If you get sec I'd love if you'd check out of my fashion and style blog and see if you'd be interested in following as well. Thanks love. xoxo

    LA adventures from a southern girl.

  3. so awesome! It's so inspiring to hear how faithful He is! Sometimes I forget....but then retrospect gives me a glimpse of His goodness!

    So happy that blessings are being poured out on your family!

  4. Thanks Ladies for rejoicing with me!! It's hard at times you think that God isn't hearing us then one day like me, you realize he did!!!! Love ya all, Shirley