Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 28, 2012


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven, Ecc. 3:1

So we found something to do, go to the fair!! The Del Mar Fair, we had a great time, I'm not as young as I feel, I told little John yeah lets ride them all!! After the first one I felt dizzy, lightheaded, I quickly changed my mind! But after some Coconut Water, a few almonds, I was ready for another ride. Poor Bubs the fair was filled with young people, his age, and here he was with his momma!! Oh well we made the most of it, and had many fun memories together, right off the bat, we hear "Hey Slee's," A sweet friend of Sage's who moved to this area last year came running up to us, small world!! 

 I tried to be tough for him, I went on may rides, that normally I wouldn't, my stomach turned about a million times yesterday, but hey I'm still here, my neck was a little sore this morning, Hahah
 I knew this move was of God, after, much prayer, thought, that went into it. While at the fair I get a text from a cousin about another cousin of mine that had her baby girl 2 1/2 months early, and she was in a hospital in San Diego. I grew up with my cousin, I'm 10 years older, so I always babysat her, she was like a little sister. Her dad my uncle raised her, he passed away 16 years ago, she was his everything! So knowing his baby girl had a baby girl, just made my heart, happy, sad, all kinds of emotions, I know if he was here he would have been thrilled! So after the fair John, Johnny, Rachel, and buba all went to visit her. I told little John, that God had a reason for our move, and little tidbits would be revealed over time, yesterday was one of them. My cousin's sweet, feisty, little girl will be in the hospital for 2months, growing, we all were so thrilled with my cousin's positive attitude, she said she know's her baby will be just fine! I love you Res, and baby Harper, and we are here for you for anything!
After we went out to dinner at one of our favorite spots in Ocean Beach, Luke was there, so sweet.

 John looks thrilled
 Luke will look right through me, but when he hears Uncle John's voice he locks eye's and smiles, even laughs!! So funny
Well, I'm off to babysit Luke, I can't wait. Missing my girls, they are having soo much fun in Washington, I get to see them Sunday!! Blessing's Shirley

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