Friday, June 8, 2012

My first friend I made in Camarillo was Lynda, she has been more like a big sister to me. We've come to love her family like our own. Her children our my second children, im so grateful to Skip and Lynda for embracing our family like their own! Last night they threw us a going away dinner, it was perfect. You know those nights that are almost magical? Well that's how it felt, when the dinner was coming to a close I kinda lost it! Sadie's BFF Kristen was sitting by herself holding a stuffed bear crying softly, I went to her thinking she got hurt, she grabbed me tight and said I don't want you to move!! I'm going to miss you guys so much, she's 6! My heart officially broke in half right then and there! Sadie came rushing over and held Kristen like a mommie!! She rocked her telling her Kristen I'm going to call u every single day, and visit all the time! My heart was in shreds by now! Then her parents came over to say their goodbyes I tryed to compose myself, then Skip gave me a hug, as Oprah would say I went into the ugly cry!! Poor Skip hope I didn't scare him! These people mean soo much to us, I'm going to make it my mission to stay close, also our home is a open invite to whoever comes our way!! Of course my cameras battery went dead after Sadie's hip hop recital, and today our Internet is off!!! So writing this post from my phone, time to finish up here, one ice cream social, then the last of three Uhauls, loaded up, house cleaned, sob, sob....

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