Monday, June 25, 2012

Girls road trip

By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life. Proverbs 22:4

After three days in the car my girls and parents made it to Washington! My folks are so fun to travel with, they take their time, enjoy the scenery, laugh, talk, as a little girl I remember many fun road trips. I wanted my girls to experience this with their grandparents. At first there were some doubts about if the girls could hang for three days in a car, but they proved us all wrong, my parents said they were soo excited, thrilled the whole trip, that it made them so happy to see the girls so happy! Thanks mom and dad, you are such great grandparents! Love you
Sadie, Sage, Papa
 Momma, and Coco
Saide and Chloe
My sis Rachel and two of my cousins, Sarah and Michelle, in Washington
My dad filled me in on all the trip details, if you know us, we want details, often time someone will start to tell their story, I stop them and say, No start from the very beginning! Ha, I like details! So my dad knowing this gave me a full run down of the trip. He was so thrilled with how social Sadie is, she informed any one that would listen, these were her grandparents, and sisters on a road trip, which towns they stopped in, where their destination was, how her parents miss her, back in San Diego. One morning my dad walked into a restaurant while grandma was already feeding the girls, when complete strangers said, "Oh you must me Papa?" So cute. I'm missing them a lot! We keep saying how lonely the house is without our lively girls!! Little John will bring me a toy, or shoe, and say, "Mom look!!" Ugh Sunday can't come soon enough! I get to babysit Luke tomorrow, can't wait!! Were are enjoying our time, i feel as if we have tried every single restaurant here!! Also John and I went on a 20 mile bike ride along the coast it was so fun! John kept saying how great he feels, living here has brought a certain joy, excitement back into our lives, we truly love the beach life!  Love you, Shirley

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