Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name. —Luke 11:2
Thank You, God, for being our Father, Shepherd,
Guardian, and Guide. We will never outgrow our need
for Your love and care. We want to seek You
with all our heart that we might know You intimately.
The heavenly Father’s arms never tire of holding His children.

More than ever have I come to realize the importance of men! Their strength, wisdom, loyalty, and the men in my life their love. I know not every family has "can do" always there, men. But I thank God for my men, first off my Dad, he raised five kids, taught us the importance of work, putting God first, having fun, to treat people fair. I know I make my dad out to be a Saint, he's like all of us falling short at times, but through my eyes there is no one I look up to and admire more! John and I always talk about him, how generous he is not just monetarily, although he would give to any one in need, but with his time, wisdom, patients. I love you dad more than words can say....
Next John, wow where do I begin?? I'll start here, at age 18 he became a father, 100% he was in! I thank God for his attitude towards fatherhood. At sucha young age, many have only one foot in, and the other out! But not John, he would wake up with Little John, diaper, bath, play. Still to this day he doesn't have many hobbies, he says his kids are his hobbies, he only has a few friends, he say's his kids are his friends. At times I wish he would put himself at least second, but that's not John. 

Oh how I've loved seeing my brother Johnny become a father, he has completely fallen in love with his baby! Talk about a hands on Dad, Luke is so blessed. Even when I'm holding Luke, Johnny's right there telling him, Daddy's right here son! Luke is only three months, but when he hears his daddies voice he turns his head, he already adores his dad. Johnny you are one of the best dad's I've seen, keep up the amazing work, nothing is more worth it!

Jim even though you don't yet, have your own children, mine are yours, they love you sooo much, I can't even tell them in advance that Uncle is coming to visit, or else I'm tortured merciless, "When is Uncle gonna be HERE!!!!" I think God's timing plays a huge place in you not having children yet, I know Sadie, and Coco would be deathly jealous, to see "their" uncle Jim with a baby, so maybe when their a little older? Any how, when that day comes watch out, you'll be unbelievable! Love you

Have a blessed day, and if your without a Earthly Father, you have a Heavenly Father, who will never leave you! Love, Shirley


  1. Such a wonderful tribute to the Men in your life!

  2. i am not very religious but that last bit made me nearly cry.lovely said.