Our Family

Our Family

Monday, June 4, 2012

Break away

The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day. Isaiah 2:11

After many day's of packing/unpacking, cleaning, momma needed to get out of the house! Little John asked if I would take his buds on a hike, by asking if I could "take",  I'm certain they wanted to be dropped off, then picked up! But I weaseled my way in, and I tagged along! Sage and Hanna wanted to come as well, just what 15 year old brother's want, right??? After a few protest's they gave in, and we had a great hike! 
 We went on a very winding, long rode to reach our destination, Grotto trail, in Malibu
I'd never been on this hike, it was really beautiful! The boy's didn't think I could keep up, I said, do you know who I am!!!?? JK, it was a little tough at the end, we had to scale down huge boulders, then hike down into a cave. 
 Bud's for life, they are trying to squeeze in some fun outings before we move this weekend.
 Garrett, Kolbe, and John

 Before old momma climbed down into the cave Little John was already stripped, ready to jump in the freezing water.
 Sage accidentally fell in!
 The cave echoed with Hanna and Sage's laughter!
 On another note Chloe is soo into baking, she begs to watch YouTube tutorials of cake, cupcake, cookie making. So while tucking her into our, bed she wanted to share all she learned, so her story went like this,," OK first you spread a thin layer of frosting for the crumb coat, then frost the rest, next you pipe on the face, then you cut just a little, like a 1/2 inch," by this time John and I were laughing so hard from our 3 year old's baking vocabulary!!! She started crying, because she thought we were laughing at her, after a couple minutes of us reassuring her we were laughing at her "big" words, not her she calmed down! I think Chloe's love and passion for baking is so sweet, so I'm trying to indulge her passion. Last week she watched home made Popsicles, So off to Von's for our ingredients to make fudgesicles. They were very yummy

Grace spent most the weekend with us, we had a blast!
OK time to get with it, blessings today, Shirley

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  1. I was up until 12:15 am this morning watching tutorials on baking cupcakes with the sisters from DC Cupcakes!