Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 25, 2012


Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. —Psalm 32:1
Good morning, my family's been full of surprises lately! Last week Jim surprised my sisters in Washington, he drove 12 hours, for only two days to spend with Jenny and Rachel. They both had no idea he was coming, Jenny was sitting at Starbucks, people watching when Jim came up behind her, he asked if he could pull up a chair, Jenny being single, was thrilled that a handsome guy was asking to sit by her, she then turned around to see her brother! She was thrilled, next... time to surprise Rachel, she finished up work, and was meeting Jenny, she came in Starbucks in a hurry, Jim came up behind her, grabbing her, she let out a scream, turned to see Jim!!
Jim flew this time, to visit us! I can't tell you how excited the kids get over uncle, the little girls were busy all after noon, making banners, That read Welcome, Uncle, we love you!!

and I had a surprise of my own, my folks were in near by, they stopped in late last night, Jim's still sleeping he doesn't even know their here yet, then on to San Diego this morning, Johnny and Rachel will be next on the surprise list! Keep you posted, Shirley
A few of you have asked for pictures of the new house here you go!!

I'll post some more Monday! Blessings

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