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Our Family

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moving tips

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. Psalms 14:1-2

This picture has nothing to do with today's post, but couldn't resist she is such a ham! She said, "Mom this is how movie stars dress when they are hiding from paparazzi!"

Since I've been married I've moved 9 times in 16 years! Only once did we hire movers, they worked for 10 hours, lifting the heavy stuff, I still did the packing. Every single time we vow, never again! Kinda like child birth, but then you soon forget the pain... I'm amazed with the amount of junk we accumulate. I get such a high, getting rid of things that are not useful, giving furniture to family/friends, throwing away junk! I advise everyone, to pretend like your moving at least once a year, completely removing items from a room, cleaning the floors, dusting everything, paint, spruce things up, to keep your home clutter free, and just clean! I always pride myself with how "clean" I think I am, but moving sheds a huge spotlight on the clutter! Gross!! I'm determined to try to live with only what we use, need, and only a few wants! This move has taught me we truly only need, shelter, food, clothes, a few books, toiletries, little else! OK stepping off my soapbox, I wanted to share a few moving tips, I've learned along the way...

  1. Paper work first, at least a month in advance, like filling out a change of address, school registration paper work, (before all important documents are packed up)
  2. Call all utility companies to set turn off/on dates
  3. Fill out online DMV change of address
  4. Start informing accounts of new address, in case some don't change over with address change.
  5. Find new doctors, in your new area online, or ask around
  6. Look at new city's website, to get acquainted with attractions
  7. Fill out library card online
  8. Close up any accounts in your local area
  9. A couple weeks out order your Uhaul
  10. Check Craiglist daily for moving boxes, usually free, but always first come first serve, John would check daily with Von's, for Apple boxes, these make great moving boxes, no taper required! 
  11. Start major purging, list stuff on Craiglist, take unused clothes to Goodwill, We ordered a dumpster, and believe it or not it was filled to the rim! (Not proud of this)
  12. If your lucky to get into the new place before hand, bring cleaning supplies to spruce it up, cupboards, windows, dust, it's so nice to have everything clean, before all your stuff arrives! 
  13. I went online to map out my nearest grocery store, favorite shops, pedicure shop:).... You know the important stuff!  
If you have the luxury of moving slowly, I advice only leaving the essentials, right now all we have in our home is mattress's, washer/dryer, a couch we are giving away (need something to sit on), a few clothes, most are already hanging in the new house, computer/printer, ours is on a super small coffee table, I'm sitting on a folding chair, a few important file's, that's it! Hope this helps if you have a move in the near future?? Blessings Shirley
Oh it's not normal for kids to have their dinner in the jacuzzi???? It is when you don't have a dinning table anymore!
Apple boxes
These are really magic, removing scuffs on the walls from furniture bumping into them!
We've bought two boxes and are almost through them, I poke a hole in the bottom, and pull clothes on hangers through, then all you have to do is hang!

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