Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our home

Repay no one evil for evil. —Romans 12:17
Hello Sorry I was M.I.A, last week I just took the week off, to spend time at home, spring cleaning, park days with Coco, no clients. It was so nice after all the running around we have been doing lately. My folks came in last night, for a quick visit. Too bad John and I are taking off this morning, going to Sand Diego.
Can't lie, I'm excited to spend alone time with him! OK I thought that since the Slee's move soo much I would capture our last home on the blog, I've been pretty good every home we film or take pictures before we move, so that the kids can remember oh yeah.....
Living room
My office
Entry way
Kitchen, I was never thrilled with the kitchen, but I made do
Little Girls room
Capiz Chandler that John and I made
 Home made chalk board
 Sage's room was a labor of love, we made the bed and desk, grandma's painting/Papa's Deer antlers

 Our room
 Had to throw this shot in, Chloe is in Love with her Grandma!!
OK I feel John's eye's burning a hole in my back I must get going, I didn't put a picture of John's office, or Little John's room, as they weren't in the best condition to do sooo!!!!! Blessings today Shirley


  1. Such a beautiful home...can't wait to see what you do with your next one!

  2. Can I hire you to help my house?? I'll pay you in sewing lessons HaHa. I love your house because its sophisticated yet welcoming.