Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. —Luke 7:47

Please read this so true, his word never gets old!

Some people, having tasted the bitterness of sin, now loathe it. They hate evil and love righteousness. Theirs is the beauty of holiness.

Others, knowing how far they fall short (Rom. 3:23), have tender hearts toward others. They rise up with understanding, compassion, and kindness when others fail. Theirs is the beauty of humility.

Finally, when acts of sin are freely and thoroughly forgiven it leads to intimacy with the One who has shown mercy. Such sinners love much for much has been forgiven (Luke 7:47). Theirs is the beauty of love.

 God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with our kids, our son, who we adore, and are soo proud of, our 3 girls who inject so much drama, joy, humor, never a dull moment! Sadie came flying in my room at 6a.m yesterday, with the idea that she wanted to bring dad breakfast in bed, as well as she forgot to finish her homework! So as you can see John was woken up from a deep sleep, with two girls climbing all over him holding a tray of coffee and oatmeal! 
For theee longest time Chloe has been asking for a Dora sleeping bag! Well, she spotted one at Peri's house, and has been talking non stop about it! While out running around, these were dropped off on our front porch :))
Funny how God works, after Monday's class with Chelsea Cameron, Coco was thinking in the car, she blurted out mom I don't want any more toys! Even when I go to the dentist I'll say no thank you to the toys! I already have enough! I told her how proud I was of her, that God was changing her heart, because if you know Coco, she is always wanting something!!! So God heard her, and honored her request with her new sleeping bag! And Sadie got to enjoy an Ariel bag of her own! 

 Does she look a little guilty?? Well, look closely Sadie in the back ground is crying, Chloe hit her on the head with a princess wand.
 Going to get the mail
 The count down to Sadie's birthday is only 3 day's away, her present came early, she asked for the caterpillar kit, it takes a few weeks, and you have five beautiful butterfly's! She asked me if I would consider being the five caterpillar's grandmother??
 The weather is unreal lately so pool time all the time!! Please excuse the naked 3year old! Only so much longer that she can get  away with this!!
 since we have been pretending its full on summer, Daddy make "bobs", and fresh corn1
 OK, this is purely vanity, but a few years ago I scrapped my left eye, while planting some tree's with my dad. The skin got super pigmented, and darker as time goes by, so finally I decided to do something about it, If you live in Camarillo, I'm not a battered wife, I went to a facialist and she blasted it with Liquid Nitrogen, it stung, and now is super black!! But she assured me it will look like new! So well see..... Funny how you can live with something you don't like for a very long time, and $50.00/2minutes later it could be gone!!
 On another note look who Aunty loves and will see in 3day's!!!! Luke

Seriously isn't he the cutest!!!
Be blessed today, Shirley

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