Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bishop Spring Break

Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is he who considers the weak and the poor; the Lord will deliver him in the time of evil and trouble. Psalm 41: 1

Finally time to blog!! We are having a great time here in Bishop. We left Friday after school, the house was bustling, kids packing, daddy carrying luggage to the car, then finally every one strapped in, good to go!! Only one thing, we left Sadie's luggage!! 5 hours later we arrive in Bishop, my daddy and momma standing in the driveway ready to embrace their grand kids. I called John and informed him that we left Sadie's clothes! He said he was super lonely and ready to hit the road to bring her suitcase. That's just the type of guy John is! 
 This picture was Friday at Sadie's Little Red Hen play, John me, and our 3 girls
The after party
Every year my momma is invited to speak at a women's retreat in Gardnerville, NV. I decided to go along with Jenny and my mom Saturday morning, Papa, Uncle Jim, and Daddy watched the girls, John went to his mom and dad's with Coco, to visit. Here is a shot of Mono Lake, this is where my Grandfather Earl Hess was born and raised in Lee Vining. It's beauty always impresses me..
We had soo much fun at the ladies retreat, my aunty Nettie met us there, and two women from our church needed to bunk up with us in our hotel room for the night as it was storming, lots of snow, roads were closed. We laughed until it hurt, we all felt like young girls on a sleep over so much fun!
 Uncle Jim came into town we rushed home Sunday to spend some time with him.
Monday we took the kids to Keough's Hot Springs, John's uncle and his family own this beautiful natural spring pool, I've been coming here since I could remember. Now it's my kids turn. 

Sage and her cousin Mariah, swimming
Bishop is a small town and I have many cousins, we ran into my cousin Jacky, Jack is the sweetest, caring, guy out there, also he's a great dad to his daughter Payton

Soo Uncle Jim left his beefy Quad here in Bishop, and gave the keys to the kids!!! They have been non-stop on it!
Yesterday my cousins kids came over to Papa's to play, sooo sweet, they played like it was an Indian Village, gathering, cooking, and grinding in my parents huge, old grinding rock. Just like their ancestors did..

Belle, my cousin Emma's daughter
Payton, and Chris,
Laynee, my cousin Awahanee's daughter
Sage pretty much got mauled all day
My daddy, aunt Earleen, Nettie, and uncle Merve. We had a big family dinner at my folks.
Princess Chloe
Momma and Daddy
Jim and I
I went running in the dessert with Jenny this morning, awe, always feeds my soul to be here
My cousin Raquel and baby Feather
So happy we grabbed this shot of some of the cousins, We always got rounded up for cousin shots now were the ones rounding!!
Today is a no schedule day, I was gonna take big kids skiing, but yet again they want to just stay and hang with papa, grandma, cousins, can I blame them?? God bless Shirley

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  1. What a wonderfully perfect break! I LOVE family time.
    Happy Easter!