Our Family

Our Family

Monday, March 26, 2012

empty arms

I will . . . boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. —2 Corinthians 12:9

We got our fill of baby Luke, but the time flew, and now here we are back home, kids at school, with empty arm! Oh Luke how sweet, content, wonderful you are. John and I took the little girls with us to San Diego to visit Luke, oh yeah Johnny and Rachel as well! 
The girls couldn't get enough of him, I found myself arguing with them, no it's my turn! They were so great with him holding him, changing him, Sadie wasn't afraid of how tiny he is, she just took over!
I was afraid the girls and I would be way too much for Luke, but he seemed to love being rough housed, he got the hiccups more than once.
No I'm not gonna nurse him my button came undone! My friend Charley from CoralTree makes thee cutest baby stuff! She made this snugly to strap down baby Luke, it makes the swaddling soo much easier.
We went downtown for dinner, it was good for Johnny and Rachel to get out
Of course the girls spotted a yogurt shop next door

Love this little boy

John and I took the girls to breakfast while Johnny and Rachel slept in

One last mulling
We stopped off in Laguna Beach, so the girls could play at their favorite playground on the beach, then soup.

OK so if you know John then you know how passionate he is about his job, literally he is constantly talking, thinking about how to grow the company! So any store, restaurant, he instantly talks to the owner, selling his product into the store. So imagine our complete surprise, joy when we randomly chose an ice cream shop right on the beach in Laguna, and low and behold Coco Libre, we both laughed out loud what a wonderful surprise!

It was so fun to see baby Luke, we already miss our baby. John mentioned oh next week I may have to go back to SD, I said can I hitch a ride?? When we returned Aunty and the two big kids had the house clean, and were relaxing, while it poured rain. I worked out, put my PJ's on and Thanked God quietly for such a Blessed Life! Shirley

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  1. Shirly, What wonderful, caring cousins little Luke has! They are like mini-monnies. He is so blessed to have you all. Thanks you. Love, Danielle