Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two of everything!

The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you. —Luke 1:35

So if you see me jogging later this afternoon, this is why!! I made my Almond Latte, grabbed what was left of the Chocolate Chip, Cheese Cake bars, and two Shape magazines, to sit, read, and relax, for 15 minutes before round two of pickups! I looked down and realized what a contradiction my left hand was carrying, compared to my right!  I had to get a shot
 You know during the Holidays when everyone is complaining how society is rushing, Thanksgiving, then Christmas, months before? Well we were asked to bring in all our Valentines this Friday the 3rd! Last time I checked it was on the 14th???
 The girls had fun making their mailboxes and signing their names to their Valentine Day cards, and of course I always have to buy two of everything, even though Coco doesn't go to school.
 Sadie was acting a little moody, rude, and super tired after school. I was concerned, usually she is super bright, full of life. Once we got home she asked if she could take a nap, so up to our bed she went, by the time I got up there she was fast asleep, poor baby wasn't feeling good. It hit me as well by the late afternoon, I felt super wiped out, so I napped an hour. I now feel 100%, just a weird exhaustion!
Again two of everything! Sadie found my thrift store giveaway bag in the garage, I usually have one at any given time, whereas clothes don't fit anymore I say take it to "the bag". Anyway Sadie found her ratty, old, ripped boots, in the bag, she's been wearing them daily! They're really rugged, so after school, I was done with them once and for all, so off to Pay-less shoe store we went I found these adorable boots, but of course she said, "Um, no, the heel isn't high enough, I want a pointy heel!" I then said Um No!! She's five!! 
OK time to workout, I didn't yesterday as I felt run down, so hitting it hard today!! God Bless, Shirley

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