Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl

Your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly. —Matthew 6:4
Not having cable becomes an inconvenience only a couple times a year! Super Bowl Sunday is of course one of those times! Thank God for our sweet friends Dan and Charmaine, they had us over for great food, games, just a great time, thank you!
Beautiful Sage helping herself
 After lounging, and eating, we needed to burn off some calories! So upstairs for a game of Just Dance, the girls loved this game.
 We had a special dinner last night, Bub's blowing out his candles
 Sucha great brother
 This morning we woke to a light drizzle, Miss Sadie was prepared!
Oh Tuesday's seem to be my crazzzzyyy day of the week. I'm in my car half the day, with clients sprinkled in, piano lesions! I'm off to help in Sadie's class this morning while Chloe will stay behind with Daddy, she now has the sickness Sadie had last week. I hate to see my kids sick, but I do try to slow down read extra books, cuddle longer, so it has it's benefits. God Bless Shirley
P.S, I often wonder about blogging is it worth the time, do I expose too much, and here are my answers why I blog, Little John and Sage grew up over night, I sit and try to remember little moments with them, I remember just a few, pictures help and the mass mount of video I took, but this blog has been sucha blessing to me and my family, I'll catch the kids on the computer reading, reminiscing, laughing! My parents, aunt, sisters, brothers all enjoy it. I know in the years ahead I'll have a record of our daily lives to remember the little moments!


  1. Please don't ever stop blogging. I live in NC and have been following your blog for almost a year. You are the most beautiful (physically and spiritually) family I have ever "met." I feel as if I know each member of the family, personally. Your positive attitude and immense love for family is awesome.

  2. Thanks so much Teddie that means a lot to me! Glad you enjoy!!