Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 28, 2011

Yes more family pictures!!!

That you may become . . . children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. —Philippians 2:15

Another fun family filled day, at the beach! Jim and Johnny went home, My folks and Jenny are leaving Wednesday, and Rachel is staying all week! 
Coco playing
 Point Dune Malibu has a beautiful hiking trail, we take the kids there often, I was excited to show my momma
 Bubs playing with his little sisters, he's so gentle, patient with them, I always feel like these two little girls are a gift to John and Sage
 I'm realizing the importance to just stop, take a time out of life and enjoy the kids
 Jenny bugs and I, momma was taking pictures of us, while we were looking at a herd of dolphins passing

 Daddy and his babies, they have him super tight around their pinky's
Sage and I enjoying our Bucks
 Papa playing football

 Little John
 God's sunset, so perfect

                            Ok I know enough with the family pictures!!! Sorry it's my blog!!
On a very serious note I'm going with my Dad and two sisters to L.A, to visit my aunt who is under going a Bone Marrow transplant today, please right now say a prayer for her, she is such a blessing to our family, we need her to come out of this, completely healed! Shirley

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  1. ahh to live close to the beach. you're so lucky. And you have such a beautiful family!!!