Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 7, 2011

Deer Antlers/ Weekend fun

"He gives animals their food and feeds the young ravens when they call." Psalm 147:9

We completed the antler Project!! 
This one rattled our brain for a few days! We couldn't figure out how to cut the skull, and mount it, I knew I didn't want the old fashion mount with the mold, and the velvet, (gross). All I wanted was the simple antlers, on a black board!! Too much to ask?? Well we had to YouTube how to get the hair, flesh off the bone. So we started up the BBQ outside and boiled away! It peeled right off, we got really excited. Then John used his hack saw to get a flush back on the skull so we could mount it. 

It adds so much to the room John say's out of all our projects this one is his favorite! I now have one wall with my momma's horse picture, and Dad's antlers on the other! Love having pieces of them with me! 
Here are the mount boards I bought at Michaels 
John scrubbing the antlers, Thank God for such an amazing, helpful husband! 
 I took the little girls to the park Friday, they loved it, Chloe crakes me up in this picture she adores her big sister
 And look who finally mastered the Monkey Bars, Sadie
 Friday we had some dear friends over for dinner, we laughed and talked, then Saturday, we met our frinds Dan and Charmaine at Bucca Di Pepos we had a great time, a weekend full of food, and friends!
 Yes her birthday is still being celebrated!!!! Only a week after

 Shaved Ice to cap off a great afternoon!
 Last night Kim and I took our two big girls to the mall and dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory
 Their food presentation is over the top!
 And these two had birthday's this month, so yet another celebration! Glad to say Sage's birthday is officially OVER!
 Kim and baby Treasure
 Getting ideas in Pottery Barn!
 We all went goo goo over this arbor, imagining white Christmas lights all over it!
 John called us and had us meet him and the rest of the kids at Star Bucks for a Latte in a mug!
After coffee we gathered the kids and watched a family movie all cozy in our bed! Love nights like these....Time for a great day! God is soo good, faithful, he will never leave you! Love Shirley

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