Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thrown right in!

There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Proverbs 16:25
Hello, feels so great to be back with the kids! They seem so relaxed and happy I'm home. Last night while we were eating dinner, Sage and Little John we telling me "Mom it only feels normal when your home, we had fun with dad, but when your here we know what to do!" Made me feel like I'm needed! I love my family so much just looking at them melted my heart. When I pulled into the drive way there they all were, the little girls were jumping, talking all at once! Right away they wanted to show me their Halloween Costumes, then crafts they made for me while I was in Boston! But most important what
did I bring them???
Look who made a splash at Home-Coming!!! I soo wish I could have been home to witness this, but I had minute to minute play, over the phone! As well as many photo's

So handsome, I tell him he looks like JFK JR.
He went with his friend Kristen 
Sadie girl is going to be a Genie
 And Coco is Dora!!
 I don't think John and Sage are going to dress up this year!! So sad when they reach this age! Sage is turning 12 Friday! Can't believe it time is flying so fast I'm just trying to keep up. Busy week ahead, groups, clients, kids, house, and a driftwood project party at my house Friday, there is still time ladies if you want to make a Driftwood Mirror or Driftwood Tree, go collect your wood, then come over 10:00 A.M Friday.
Yesterday in Chelsea Cameron's class called 24/7, we learned about how important Godly authority is in our lives as well as our children's. She had us examine how we feel about authority, questioning what type of authority did we have growing up? Were your parents to harsh, so that you have vowed to be different for your kids, or was their no authority figure at all? So you make it up as you go along? Either way we all need authority in our lives, being obedient to God is where blessings flow, and true peace and joy. Just a little tid bit!! Alright time to get on with my day, going on a 5 mile jog, need to sweat! God bless you today, Shirley
 Boston Trip post is below! If you haven't read it yet?? It's long!!


  1. wish I could come create with you Shirley! or just hang! I love the costume. That's been the main topic of conversation for a good month around here, but we're a fickle bunch and have about 10 million contenders in the mix at the moment...hopefully that'll change before Halloween!

  2. Oh I wish! Seriously if you ever get a chance to come out this way, u and yours are welcome to stay! I know we have never met, but feel a conection in style and spirit!! Can't wait to see your little sweetys in whatever they choose ......