Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 10, 2011

Peaceful weekend!

And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the LORD: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears: Isaiah 11:3

Hello, God is so good!,
Friday night Sage begged and begged me to go to this indoor trampoline place, I said I would rather her and I get cozy and watch a movie together, since I put the little girls to bed at 7:30, big brother was at a sleep over, and daddy was in Ohio! But she insisted on going, so I gave in, and said OK you can but remember we don't have insurance yet! So be careful!! Well sure enough at 10:00, I get a call she hurt her ankle BAD! Needless to say she sprained it, and has not been able to walk. God was swift, in teaching her a lesson on obeying! She cryed when she got home, she knew she should have listened to me! Lesson learned! Had to throw in this shot of Fashionista Sadie.
 Well if you read my blog then you probably remember that during the summer we have been toilet papered twice! Well on Tuesday morning, I hear little John , "Mom come outside!!" Oh great I thought not again!!! Well this was a nice surprise, the high school does this fund raiser, where they put Blue Flamingo's all over your yard! He felt special! Since one friend chose us, we passed it on to another of his friends, but we are keeping it a secret!
On Kelly's Korner blog, she mentioned a Cd of kids worship music, so I bought it, and let me tell you it has been a blessing to our family while in the car, here is a picture of the girls worshiping God! I looked back and they both were surrendering all to God, I had to be quick, thank God my camera is always near me!! 
 And my Coco, anything to do with the kitchen she will have me in there all day long!!! Popcorn, cakes, crafts!!
 Sadie had a play date with her BFF Kristen, I was running on the treadmill and I gave them my camera to play with, here are some shots they took!

 Sadie making us all mini Smores
 My friend Kim's daughter Lilly had her 11th birthday at the beach, a surf party we had to miss it since Sage was layed up all weekend, but the little girls were invited to our friends Alex and Chelsie's baby Jack's 1st birthday! They went all out, such a cute ocean themed party! Here is Mommy and baby...
Coco hitting the pinata
 The gift bags were over the top! There was a chocolate bar with baby Jack's face on it, saying thanks for coming! And a personalized coloring book, with each girls name's in it! So cute

 At church Sunday, Chloe's following Sadie's fashion foot steps! She dressed herself
Coco in Heaven
 My friend Theresa and I talking
Grace Sadie's 8year old friend took this shot! She's got talent like her momma! Sadie and Chloe are so in love, It makes my heart leap with joy, that they love each other sooo much, when Chloe gets hurt she asks for Sadie, and she comes running to her little sis!
OK super busy today, my class in West lake with Chelsea Cameron, then two clients! Boston is Thursday!!! Can't wait! But it will be a marathon till then! Have a blessed Day Shirley


  1. That picture of your girls in the car is PRICELESS!!!! Oh my word - what more could you hope for from your children than to see them worship??? LOVE it! I'm so glad you liked the CD as much as me!!!

  2. Thanks Kelly I do love it! And yes that is all I could ask for that my kids know who their Creator is! An have their own walk!! Blessings