Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Open shelving/ kids!

Go to the ant, thou sluggard; Consider her ways, and be wise: Proverbs 6:6

 This scripture was what I talked to the kids about on their way to school yesterday morning. I try to use this special time to talk about God, and say a blessing over them. They soak it up. While I was driving I reached over to hold Little John's hand, and instantly I got huge tears in my eyes, his hand no longer felt like a little boy's!! It was a young man's hand! Dropping him off at high school still trips me out! 
Here's a photo Lynda R. took of John and his buddy Jordan at a Cross country Meet.
Oh wanted to share that the house with a huge lot, that we were waiting till October 1st, to see what was going to happen, it sold. So obviously it wasn't God plan, so were on to other options!! Either way we have peace. 
I'm completely in love with open shelving in a kitchen, not ALL open shelving but a few plates and cups!! My momma is doing this in their house in Washington, I'll post pictures soon. Take a look at some pictures I found on line.
 Love Martha S. coffee/tea station!
 Love the metal hardware on this unit!!
 Check out the Native Basket on the counter soo cool!

 So clean and simple
Bub's and Coco (ignore the kitchen and pretend it looks like the ones above)!!
 She hates her outfit today but has to wear orange! (closest thing we had to it)
 Coco wanted to show me her lip gloss!
Alright have a great day, Shirley


  1. Bahahah.... I'm laughing because I'm sure Sadie wanted to glam that outfit up! She's such a little fashionista. Watch out world.

  2. Yep little Rachel Zoe was having a hard time with the outfit!! Every time John or I complimented her on her outfit she would just roll her eye's!!!