Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Boston Trip!!

The living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; 1 Timothy 6:17

Trip of a lifetime! 
 Haley and I have been friends since the 4th grade! From the moment I got to LAX, to the time I boarded the shuttle back to my car, we laughed, we cried, we shared everything! Just like old times! 
Back in 6th grade!!
Haley and I met up at LAX, I was in a rush since the 405 was bumper to bumper, off the shuttle, I'm  rushing into the airport, head down just trying to get there! When this beautiful tall, slim girl is standing right in front of me arms open! HALEY!! 
We stayed at the Westin at Cope;y Place, So cool, this was the place to be! Our room was gorgeous, Haley made darn sure there were two beds!! No more sharing like the old day's! 
The first morning we wanted a breakfast place where the locals go! We were directed to Charley's, it did not disappoint Sooo yummy, the owners a mother and her two sons were there behind the counter!
Feeling like a local!

Thee best banana, blueberry pancakes ever! I'd go back just for these!!
Surrounded by history, Nations oldest buildings! 
Had to get this shot, I think he's lost, he belongs in Florida!
I love the ambiance of this restaurant, also the color scheme!
Home of the Boston Red Sox!!
Fast, cheap, easy way to travel in big city's the subway! On our way to Harvard Square!

We joked that this Harvard Squirrel probably knew more about our Nations History then we did!!

Before we started the walking tour of Harvard we spotted a cute boot shop! Priority's first!!!
We were both so enthralled with our purchases, that for the life of us we could not focus on the tour guide!! 

So after the tenth time I spotted Haley's eye's looking down at her boots, we gave up and snuck off! Laughing historically hysterically!! We had to mouth sorry to the crowd we disturbed!!
While casually walking the campus, trying to blend in, I asked Haley, "So who won the Civil War?" We both almost wet our pant's, I said the North?? She said, "Who," oh my, you had to be there! Anyway we broke down and humiliated ourselves and asked a Harvard student, he thought he was being punked, he looked us up and down making sure we didn't have a hidden camera!! Nope just two girls with super cute boots from California!! 
The dorms
OK enough with feeling inferior, back to the city!!
Oldest Post Office
Us two History Buff's!!
State Capital Building
It started to rain, making our adventure even funner!
Something we both could earn a PHD in Cupcakes!!
So impressed while on vacation Haley, closed two escrows!! My momma always was soo impressed with Haley's ability to get things DONE! She is one of the most go getters I've ever known! I just let go, she planned it all, knew the city up and down, in a day! I felt like a puppy following her, it was so nice though, every one need's a Haley in their lives!
This dog pulled his owner into the cupcake store and would NOT budge!
Just the smell alone!
If you want to know about our nations history, or just to get cute boots, go to Boston, history on every corner!

About a million Starbucks, but unlike ours here in Cali, their in the most beautiful old buildings, so a little history while sipping a soy latte!
Famous grave yard, Paul Revere Samuel Adams, and John Hancock to name a few are buried here!
I feel like God gave us favor the whole trip! VIP all the way: front of the line's, picture taken in the cockpit, to top it off we went to Little Italy for dinner, whahlaa the best seat in the house!!
I lost my voice this night, after sooo much talking, laughing! 

So many choice's!

Fresh New England Lobster!
If you ever go this is where the restaurant is located!
We joked that I had half the ocean on my plate!!
Haley was so sweet she payed the tab! 
Then off to a famous bakery,a must go! The cab driver was smiling ear to ear, listening to us go on and on about our dessert, while cracking each other up!  The best canoly, and cream puff ever!
There they are, aren't they soo pretty
So Haley's hubby is a cop, she's obsessed  admires men in uniform!
Had to pull her away! JK
Making their debut again!
Another beautiful day in Boston! 
We were ready to hit the town again, but after all that food, we needed to workout so we decided to take a little 3 mile jog along the water. Three hours, and 8 miles later! Completely Lost engrossed in the city we seen it all! After we were beat, so off to the spa, Haley treated me to a pedicure, while she got rubbed down = Heaven
My beautiful friend ready for New Berry Street!
Shrimp in butter
Cool place for appetizers!!
Then a little retail therapy, I'm telling you it was all about the history of this amazing city!!!
There she goes again insisting on paying!!
Flight home, Bye Boston we had a blast!
Parting ways in LAX
Awe Home Sweet Home!!!!
Here is an old shot from 2005 the last time I went to Boston with John and our two at the time! 
So to sum it up, We had a complete blast, if you've been wanting to do a girls, family trip, Boston is the place! I will remember this trip for the rest of my life, the laugh's were soo needed, I thought we had soo many memories together already, but this trip we made many, many more! Soo many inside jokes I feel for the person who ever has to listen to them! Love you Haley and I couldn't of asked for a better friend to share a fun adventure with! Till next time, Shirley


  1. Oh how this makes me miss Boston. I love that city too! It seems like you guys had a great time, enjoying one another's company and getting away from it all. Everyone needs time to get out and see things especially with a great girlfriend. I'm happy for you that you got to do that! .... and little John looked SO handsome for homecoming! :)

  2. Awe thanks Theresa means a lot! Yes perfect city to go with a buddy! You'll have to tell me about ur time in Boston?? Talk soo. Love the new photos on your blog!!