Driftwood Chandeliers

 My sweet, talented friend Lynda, thought of this concept to do a beach photo shoot of the Chandelier!  Here is her email lyndarueter@verizon.net she does family, home, objects, a very versatile photographer!! 

Here she is I sold her to a cute boutique in Monticeto, Ca.
This is the first one I did! It hangs in my kitchen....

 Wanted to say a huge thank you to John, I just come up with these ideas and poor guy he has to figure out how to actually make it happen! Thanks babe love you

The girls helped me the day I gathered all my supplies, they had one request a blenders shake!
 So a simple hanging garden basket from Home-depot is the skeleton of the chandelier
 All the supplies I bought at home-depot
 The fun part once all the engineering was done! A big thanks to Sage she stayed right with John and I the whole time, drilling, stringing! Love you Sagey

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