Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 31, 2014


Giving thanks always for all things. —Ephesians 5:20

A few weeks ago John and Sage came to me, asking to be home schooled. They both were looking for more out of life, more time, more living. John and I looked into different programs, and found one through our local high school, same curriculum , same schedule, benefit is two full time teachers on staff, to go over work, answer questions, and  do labs with them, so for us it was thee best decision. We love having the kids around more, and love being able to teach, and learn with them. it's only been our first week, but let me say it's been so great! The little girls will keep going to public school, for the time being so we can focus on the big kids schooling. 
Sadie making a duct tape dress for Chloe
 New rug I bought for a steep discount!
 Part of our new program is twice a week Sage, and John will pick a activity for us to do. This week Sage chose a hike to potato chip point….. Ok sounded fun, but wow!!! 7.2, miles 4 hours later, we were so spent! Poor Sage she had beach volleyball for  2 hours right after, and then 2 hours of indoor volleyball, she earned all two weeks of P.E, credit in one day!
 I know I brag about my son, a lot! But I have good reason, he is such a sweety, so kind, gentle, Sage and I were so blessed to see him being himself, fully. Laughing, cracking jokes, talking non stop, while we were just trying to catch our breath!
 John and Sage
 Momma and her boy
 When the little girls get home, I make it a point  to spend time, doing their homework, baking, swimming, or jumping o the trampoline with them. It's all about balance, trying my hardest to make all my kids feel special. Makes me smile at how much I love each one of them, and how much more our Heavenly Father loves all of His children
Ok time to get the house done, Sadie has a performance about respect today at school. Love you Shirley


  1. This warmed my heart on so many levels Shirley! What a blessing that your teenage kids would want to spend so much time at home. It comforts me, with only little kids, because Im seeing them grow more independent which is awesome--sooooo awesome---but also hard b/c time is short.

    Peeking into your world is refreshing and inspiring, Beautiful, and so focused on things that matter, things that are truly beautiful.

  2. I can't wait to read more about your home schooling journey! Sounds awesome.

  3. How FUN!!!!!! If Lyndon had siblings I would DEFINITELY think seriously about homeschooling. Enjoy your time.