Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All things work together for good!

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Gen 50:20

Wow it's been forever, hasn't it?? I've been taking care of business this time of year I like to go over all my insurances, bill's and condense as much as possible. I've had some tribal business to take care of as well. It's requiring that I stay close to home:) Which I don't mind at all, Like the scripture says what others meant for evil God means for good! 
Chloe had a play at her pre-school, and I was so blessed that my Grandmother Joanna, got to see. She silently wept during the whole play. She was touched with the little kids singing Christmas songs. 
Chloe and her Great-Grandma Joanna
I've been really enjoying this time with my children while they are on break, cooking, baking, reading. Time seems to be going slow for once in my life, and let me tell you that's the biggest gift, God could ever give me.
Sadie and her baby cousin Luke
The girls and I baking
Ohh I made home made Split Pea soup, turned out so well, grandma was right there reading the instructions to me. Cherished time....
So proud of my girl, she is turning out just like her momma!! She loves to read! Her teacher gave her a award for her reading skills
At papa's and Grandma's house, kids never want to leave.....
Our annual Ginger bread house

Papa bringing in all the gifts
Finally got a picture of Brenda and I, we tyred to sneak in some visits we both have huge family's, but we cherish our speedy catch ups, love her! 

The girls are non stop on uncles quad
Family time, making cookies, when I announced I needed cookie dough testers, the kitchen quickly become crowded. Haha reminds me that my favorite book as a child was "The Little Red Hen"

Then the girls got to be my home church's Christmas play, they cherish this play every year, and are lucky to be included.

Sage and her two cousins and a friend
Baby Feather, they call her the church baby
Of course Jim had many projects to do while he was home, finishing touches on the church building, teak mats for the sauna.. Such a blessing to all
And the best daddy ever, working late Christmas Eve, to set up Chloe's long awaited Dora Kitchen
Baby Luke made a last minute appearance
Christmas morning, Chloe and her new bike
Luke wanting to play too!
Grandma Christmas morning, all in her Christmas best
Luke helping papa open gifts

Luke looks like a pro
Then onto the kids other grandparents, John and Cindy's, I'm telling you their sooo spoiled
Grandma and her twins
Then what a surprise Christmas evening snow!!!! A White Christmas after all!

Hope you enjoyed, I had a great time, and continue to, love spending time home! So much time to read, I devoured Karen Kingsbury's book Waiting for Morning, in two day's and now on to A Moment of Weakness, also finishing a long chapter book with all three girls as well. I wanted to accomplish this during our down time! God is good, like I stated what others may want for evil in our lives God will always turn it into good. All things work together for good to those who love God!! Love you all, and will be blogging more frequently, I truly miss it, I was telling a friend I think I'm doing it for my self, but then family members, comment, hey no blog lately?? Then my kids say mom why aren't you blogging?? I then realize it's for us all, I'm just the memory keeper... Shirley

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