Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 26, 2012

Give thanks 2012

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Psalms 136:1

Our Thanksgiving 2012! 
Well it started with a super busy Friday trying to get everything done in order to hit the road in time, before traffic, on our way to Bishop. First off getting kids off to school, then I had two appointments, Little John stayed home, he had a super easy day at school, so John and I let him start his vacation a day early:) After my appointments we dashed to Sadie's Jog-a-thon, just in time, Bubba ran onto the field and surprised her, I loved watching this scene take place, Sadie was running with all her might, she looked up to see her big brother running next to her, she squealed with delight! So cute...

 Then Bubs and I made a mad dash to Chloe's Thanksgiving party at her pre-school, I regret to say I missed the singing part:((( I couldn't  really think about it to much it broke my heart! But she said, "It's OK mom, I didn't even sing loud, I was too shy!" Kinda made me feel less guilty.

 Finally we hit the road, but we didn't escape traffic, a 6 hour drive took, 8!!!!
I made some rounds trying to visit relatives, but I didn't get to see many, Christmas for sure.
Holding one of my newest cousins!
 I was happy I got to visit with my aunt, and cousin Reese, and of course baby Harper, thanks for all the prayers for baby, she was born prematurely, but God heard our prayers, and today she is doing so amazing!
 Then dinner at my in-laws, Thanks Cindy, you always out do your self, the ambiance, food, company was wonderful.
 So bummed this is the only picture I got from my time with Brenda, Me trying out her rowing machine!
 We always incorporate exercise into our lives, so bubba and his friend Raymond, worked out
 Kids having breakfast at grandma/papa's, they asked Mom why does breakfast taste better here??
 It was a fast trip, on the way out we met my dad, and uncle Stan at the airport, to meet the Christian Pilots to deliver gift to the Reservation children, such a great organization!
 Bye Bishop, till next time!
 Jim flew in the next Wednesday, of course all the kids go crazy over him! Now Luke is in on it too!
 I was so busy cooking and cleaning, we hosted Thanksgiving at our house, this year, John and my momma, were so great with cooking, helping. My girls getting our Bingo game together
 My cousin, and uncle made it down, here is baby Feather
 So wish I would have taken more pictures, but lately it seems life is going soo fast, I'm barley keeping up!
Uncle Ted and his mother in-law

Auntie Rachel and Luke, one day this girl is going to be the best momma, she always makes sure all her nieces and nephews are comfy, fed, loved, and played with.
 Momma and I escaped to get our nails done, something we both love to do!
 And here he is the worlds best daddy, and papa, he loves to take his grand kids around, he's so proud of them, before he left, he told me how proud he is of me, and thanked me for making his life complete by blessing him with grand kids:) so sweet.
 Of course we had to make it to the beach at least once!

 Love this shot, the little girls were watching a girl do yoga poses on the beach, and they were trying their hardest to copy her!
 We hauled our fire pit to the beach, and got cozy
 Do ya blame me... I have a brother who can build, hospitals, schools, why wouldn't I want to enlist a little help with my pitiful  projects??
 I'm in the process of making the girls headboards, I needed help
 We met Johnny and Rachel for dinner and church last night in San Diego, we walked past a fountain, and I had a light bulb moment, this is the same fountain I took a picture with my girls at, right after Johnny and Rachel married at the court house
3years earlier, time fly's 
 We went to the Rock church, it was fantastic!!! So fun to worship, with my family! Wish Jenny and my parents were with us.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, try really hard to take in the moments, they go just as fast as they come! Love you all, Shirley
P.S, Here is my heart God, you can have it all!

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  1. SHirley! It looks awesome and blessed! SO happy for all the gifts in your family's life!