Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wild animal park

Serve the Lord with gladness. —Psalm 100:2

The San Diego Wild Animal Park! So what to do on a Saturday when the temperature is in the 80's, go inland where it's in the 100's, of course!!! 
In spite of the blistering hot weather, we had a great time. 
 All four of the kids
 Watching the baby elephants drink water
 A little peak into the little two girls personalities Sadie got soaked,
 While Coco tried to be brave, but came running back like this!
 On the safari tram
 Sadie took the camera and shot mannyyy "wonderful" animal pictures...

Out of all the zoo's I've been to this is my favorite, since the animals do have room to roam, the park does a good job mimicking the animal's natural African habitat. OK time to get on with it, John and I slept in, after both little girls finally got out of our bed this A.M, we finally fell asleep for another two hours! When we came down stairs we smelled cooking???? John and Sage made pancakes, and were cleaning the kitchen up. John and I are so proud of our two older kids, they are so responsible, loving, just really great people. It's going to be another scorcher!! Looks like a beach day... Shirley

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