Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fast road trip

I will never forget Your precepts, for by them You have given me life. —Psalm 119:93
The girls and I went on a whirlwind trip to Camarillo yesterday, waking super early, and hitting the road for the 21/2 hour trip. Not to brag but my kiddies are professional travelers, we've been going on long road trips to Bishop since they were very little. So a couple hours in the car are not really a big deal, for us. I tried to visit as many as I could in 6 hours, no easy feat.
Sadie with Luke
 Put anything near his mouth and he thinks its food! Chunks
 After Sage's Ortho App. I met up with Julianna, awe cutest pregnant momma ever! Only 5 weeks to go. Loved spending time with her, made me re-think my whole move, visiting with the sweetest, best girl friends a girl could ask for.
 The kids were in Heaven with all their buddies, Grace, Kristen, Hanna, Hunter, Avery, Roman, and a few more, it felt like they never left! I must say Lynda R. The way God uses you to open your home, your talent's, your love to us, will always be appreciated, you've been like a big sister to me, a huge thanks. Lynda let us land on her, she cooked an amazing dinner, then gave the little girls baths, changed them into their PJ's for our long trip home!
 Grace, Sadie, Kristen
 The crew, they hid behind some bushes cause they didn't want to leave!
 Big kids hanging

 Sage and Hanna
 Avery and Sage
Jim has been catching, and canning Salmon lately, it's so great for you and super tasty!!  
Such a random post today, but it's my life, Look while I'm typing who came into our front yard, Haha
Kim, and Theresa so bummed I didn't get to visit, miss you both, next time for sure! Back to the grind today, DMV, ballet, and Sage's first volleyball game! Then tomorrow is little John's Home-coming game, can't wait, I do admit I have a bit of a completive spirit, I can't sit still, I'm one of the parents, on the sidelines, hands in the air. Today at the volleyball game, I actually was making the moves, I had to catch myself and STOP IT, before Sage saw me! Love to all, Shirley


  1. LOL! I am that mom doing the same things on the side-lines!!! It is so hard when you want so much for your child to control myself!, but I am definitely his loudest cheerleader! :-)
    ......at least I'm not the parent screaming negativities-I can't imagine....

  2. So true Audra, I try to be positive, especially when my child looks at me, I make sure it's always a thumbs up instead of a scowl! I do scowl but turn away or whisper in John's ear, I have to remind myself it's just a game! So funny cause I'm not usually like this, games get me....

  3. Chickens?! How cool are you guys turning into Urban Farmers??