Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Winding down:(

He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit. —Proverbs 17:27
Wow time is flying it's our last week here in Camarillo, everyday I'm asking God to slow it down! I've been very busy with clients, end of school activity's. Squeezing in last minute get togethers. I initially thought oh it will be nice to move, take a break from clients, but each client that comes, my heart breaks, thinking this could be the last time I do this persons hair. I've been doing hair for 11 years now, many of my clients have stayed with me since then. They are more than clients, many are my dear friends, that I get paid when they come to visit:) Ugh this is becoming harder than I thought... I'll miss them all, but I'm only two hours away, and I'm giving an open invite to any one when they come to San Diego!
I'm going to miss my pool as well, the new house doesn't have one, so Chloe and I have been going in daily just a quick dip, some laps, we do however have the ocean, 1 mile away, kinda makes up for it! Three clients today, then the park with some sweet friends, first a dip in the pool...
Uncle Jim sent the girls two bags of Sea Shells, when he was down visiting, Sadie had a little (kinda Pitiful broken collection) of shells, he told me he sent them big shells, but he also worried that she wouldn't appreciate her collection anymore, well he was right hers all but disappeared when the new ones arrived, oh well, it just ups the anty, she'll be looking for comparable ones.
 And yep you guessed it Coco watched another YouTube tutorial, on Bear cookies! So to Von's we went!

 Poor little girls she has been planning a "Summer Party for ever now", don't know if I can accommodate her wish, we try every night by saying oh Chloe tonight is the summer party!!  But she's not buying it! OK time is clicking, time to move, Love ya all, Shirley

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  1. San Diego is great! We spend a lot of time on the base on Coronado Island. I can imagine how hard leaving your life is-as an army brat I moved frequently...