Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bishop Tales

Pray without ceasing. —1 Thessalonians 5:17

Were back! I took the kids on a quick Bishop trip this weekend. I love being spontaneous... Makes life more interesting. I called my folks on Tuesday, of last week, and they mentioned that they were having a Indian Taco dinner with some friends Friday night, that's all I needed to hear! My brother Johnny and his wife Rachel, baby Luke were down visiting as well, so off we went. 
 Baby Luke was sound asleep in his basket, and if you know me I'm completely against waking a sleeping baby, but the kids and I couldn't resist, we woke him!
 This was John and Sage's first time seeing Luke, they were sooo excited!
 After 15 years of being surrounded by girls, Little John finally has a baby boy cousin!!
 The Indian Taco in all it's glory! Our dear friend Ellen put on the dinner at my folks house, she served everyone.
 Oh this little boy has auntie completely wrapped around his tiny pinkie! I know first hand how hard the first months can be with a new born so I helped out as much as I could, the first morning, I had them go back to sleep while we completely reveled in Luke!
 The girls and I gave him a bath.
 Ohhh the weather was sublime!! We swam everyday, with lots of little cousins coming over.
 We had a pizza dinner for Sadie, was going to keep it super simple, just parents, me and Johnny/Rachel, but word got out, and this is the crew we had, I thank God, because he made the evening super special, without me stressing, or evening planning a thing, it just flowed so perfect!
 Papa, and Grandma, made Sadie feel so special, and my aunt Nettie, we love you so much!
 Check out Sage in the background blowing with her sis!
 Wow really! I remember telling my Dad I was pregnant such a hard thing to do, but God gave him a dream of holding a little boy on his shoulders, his heart started softening, and getting excited for his first Grandchild....
 Coco did great, she was a trooper all day, I was waiting for at least a few jealous tantrums, but nope, she did great!

 My dad is the so sweet, in his truck he has these rocks, that represent his grandchildren, he holds them and prays for each one, he added a rock for Luke!
 Here's Papa/Grandma with all their grandchildren, I can't even though I've tried to explain how special, important, loving these two are in my life and my kids, but honestly words can't even describe.
 Pop's praying for these two before we headed out
 Bye Bishop till next time!

On the trip back Little John said mom instead of the Brox tales, I'm calling it The Bishop tales, they love hearing stories about my childhood, who's, who. I sat outside in the warm evening air that is just magical in Bishop, with my brother/sis-n-law, and two cousins reminiscing, talking, and laughing till it hurt late into the night while all our children ran playing hide n seek. I just cherished every second! Love you all, Shirley
P.S, Emms and Wanz, want a cookie from Snookie????


  1. Shirley, you should be a part of Bishop's board of tourism. You take such great pictures of your hometown it would make anyone want to visit Bishop.

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    1. Awe thanks I think by moving away its made my heart grow fonder