Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

West Elm

So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. —Psalm 90:12

Skipped yesterday blog, too busy, I've been super busy with clients, kids, and the house, also my sis Rachel is here. 
After the baby shower my mom and two sisters spotted West Elm!! I've never been to the store just looked online, and catalogue, so I had to stop! It didn't disappoint! Everything was so gorgeous. 

 Rachel and Jenn's
 Momma, me and Jen
 Saying goodbye NEVER easy!
 Pops took Chloe for a ice cream run, while we sat and relaxed
 While eating breakfast, We spotted Molly Ringwald, remember from Pretty in Pink?? Well at least we all thought it was her, dead on look alike. We finally got the courage on the way out to ask, she said no, but we weren't convinced, she was wearing a huge black hat, and took it off low and behold bright red hair, and those lips and teeth something you never forget!
 Chloe had enough traveling, 10 minutes from home she broke! Sadie trying to comfort her.
 John said hey I have 20 naked women in the hallway!! I said what, this is what I found. Auntie and Sadie, Sage cleaned, and washed all their Barbies hair. Then new clean outfits for them, Rachel is such a blessing to have around the kids love her.
 Two of my clients yesterday, Dark brown with a few highlights
 Blond with Carmel low lights
Ok time to finish the house, I've been making big breakfast's for the kids, it takes more time, bigger mess, but they love it so it's worth it! Although I feel like lately I've been living in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, I may run away to the beach today and collect Driftwood. Have a great day, Shirley

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