Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. Psalm - Chapter 127:3

Kelly's Korner Blog ask's about fertility journey's, giving hope to those wanting to start a family. My sis-n-law and brothers fertility journey took over a year to get pregnant, we prayed, hoped, and just look at the pictures below of God's answer, all in his timing!! I haven't had to struggle to get pregnant, so I don't know the disappointments, but God does...
Presenting Luke Joseph Hess, 7lbs 7oz.
Luke is everything, and so much more than I imagined, he's so adorable, special, a gift from God.
We waited 24 hours for this guy to be born, his first cry, was so beautiful
 Johnny and Rachel are in love, Rachel is just glowing, I went in right after he was born, she was nursing, the lights were low, her and baby looked so angelic
 Luke your aunty is going to love, spoil, adore you all my days
 Aunty Rachel is thrilled to have another nephew, she just can't get over your cheeks, as well as the rolls on your arms!! Sorry Johnny and Rachel, but yes Jenny, Rachel and I are going to be those aunties that put lipstick marks all over his cheeks!!
Papa and Grandma are so delighted and thankful to have you! They keep saying, "What about that Luke??" 
 Look at him
 Johnny's in protective mode, hinging on every bowl movement, feeding, etc... I've been the only sibling for 15 long years, with kids, mine have been waiting for a cousin, they are soo excited!
 I know I know time to give him back to his momma!!
 There all is perfect in the world!
 I love you Johnny, Rachel, Luke, now move next door would you???

On the way home last night we got a call my Great Aunt Jo, passed away. She was one of the classiest women I knew, and such a great aunt, this was hard on my dad, his aunt Jo, loved him, she always made him feel her love. At dinner my dad started telling me about all his aunties, and how lucky he was to have great ones. I agreed, since I've been blessed myself with wonderful aunties, who love me. I hope to be a great aunt as well!  Blessings Shirley


  1. I had been checking regularly to see if te babes had come. So beautiful! My mom has a saying that in the wake of a death a new baby is always born, ad this child has an anointing to comfort. So Luke your one anointed guy to follow what sounds like a wonderful women. My eaters and smiles to all the Hess family. Luv Alicia

  2. What a beautiful baby boy, Congratulations.

  3. Congratulations Aunt Shirley! He is simply stunning.

  4. Thanks everyone for sharing in our joy!

  5. So sorry to hear about your aunt.
    Congratulations on your new nephew-babies are gifts from God!

  6. Oh he's perfect!!!! Congrats Auntie! Wooohooo! Sorry about your great Aunt.. :(

  7. Dear Shirley, I have not had the opportunity to meet any of the Hess family yet (other than Jon of course-oh and Kurt & Ellen) but my daughter, Rachel certainly married into a wonderful family! Thank you for taking care of them, thank you for your "blessed" blog (it really is). You are giving glory to our Lord just being yourself.

    I look forward to seeing you the first week or two of April. Love,
    Danielle Monahan (Rachel's Mom). God bless all!

  8. Awe thanks Danielle, I am looking forward to meeting you as well! Also wanted to thank you for blessing our family with such a fine daughter we love Rach!

  9. Baby Luke is so, so sweet :) The pic of your brother holding him is heart-melting! Praise God for this precious, new life! Love and blessings, Katie